Boats and Facilities

Club Shells

The current fleet of club shells contains:

The mix of club boats changes with the needs of the club.  There are almost always boats available on weekdays, but on warm, calm weekends they may be fully subscribed. Please call to reserve a boat, even on weekdays, since it helps the dock master manage the flow of boats and rowers.

The club uses oars from Concept 2; the majority are hatchets, Big Blade w/ vortex edge. We also provide (and require) a personal flotation device for each club boat.

Equipment Care

We take pride in well maintained boats and equipment, and make boat care a part of our training. Members rinse and wipe-down all boats as they come off the water, and our staff, together with our Maintenance Manager, Walter Hines, keeps all our gear in top shape. The majority of our club boats are less than three years old

Boat Sales

We have been a dealer for the Maas Boat Company since 1987, and also sell used club and private shells.  Go to our Used Shell Sales page for details.


The OWRC Boathouse

OWRC FacilitiesOWRC is part of the Schoonmaker Point Marina at 85 Liberty Ship Way in Sausalito, CA.  Both club and private single and double shells are stored in this main boathouse, with another 50 private shells in a boathouse in an adjacent building; together the two boathouses house 120 shells. There are JetFloat docks for each boathouse, accessible by ramps and  protected from wave action.

The office is always staffed while OWRC is open, and in the main boathouse, staff will help carry shells to and from the water. The office contains a changing room and four Concept 2 rowing machines. There is a small library of books on rowing and related subjects, and some essential rowing apparel available for purchase.

Men’s and woman’s rest rooms, locker rooms and showers, are close by. Parking is available: OWRC issues the required permits to members. 

The JetFloat docks are accessed from ramps (about 6 ft. of daily tide movement in Sausalito). They are protected from waves and traffic but give rowers quick access to the bay. They are low and spacious to allow multiple shells to launch and land.

The Center’s coaching launch, a Boston Whaler, is used for private coaching, clinics and events.

All boats (except the Whitehall and Sea Ranger) are stored indoors.  We have two boathouses where shells are stored on wall racks, rolling racks and hanging racks and oars are stored on wall racks. The main boathouse, in the Schoonmaker building, is where all club shells are stored, along with private shells.  The second boathouse, in the Easom building next door, holds only private shells.  Each boathouse has an easily accessible low floating dock a short distance from the boathouse entrance.  Members using the Easom boathouse must be able to carry their shells to and from the water; members in the Schoonmaker boathouse receive assistance from staff to move shells.