Other Club Boats

(Note:  We own a Peinert Zephyr and a Whitehall Spirit Solo for the use of our members, but do not sell boats from these manufacturers)

In addition to our stable of Maas shells, OWRC has a Pienert Zephyr and a Whitehall Spirit Solo in our fleet for the use of club members.

The Pienert:

The Zephyr, normally called “the Pienert” around the boathouse, is a very solid and stable single from the Pienert Boatworks in Massachusetts. A bit shorter and heavier than the Aeros and with a different “look” than the Maas boats (including color, it’s bright red!) The Pienert is a very comfortable row,  a “no drama” boat that can handle a chop without much reaction. Folks who prefer this boat mention its  “I can go anywhere” feeling. They want to just row and enjoy the bay, and this boat will get you there.


Pienert Zephyr

Our bright red Pienert Zephyr

The Whitehall:

The term “Whitehall” refers to a very popular design for rowing boats originating in NY harbor in the 19th century. We have one example of the ‘Solo” from a manufacturer named Whitehall Spirit that has added a new dimension to our rowing.  We’ve named the boat “Rowsy”, and it is in constant use.

The Whitehall design is famed for its good handling and steady tracking. This version of the Whitehall is equipped with a sliding seat and modern oarlocks, so it rows just like our shells,  using our modern oars. This is a real “boat” however, that you can sit “in” rather than “on”, and you can take a passenger if you are up for a workout. Naturally the Whitehall is more stable and drier than the shells, but it is also heavier and slower  (Note: “slower” only by comparison with the shells. Whitehalls are quite quick for a traditional hulled boat).

Of course, rowing this boat can be an excellent workout. You will definitely burn calories and build muscle rowing our Whitehall, and you will get out to enjoy the beauty of the bay.

Check out this slide show of the small fleet of Solos that participated in the Open Ocean Regatta in 2009!

Whitehall Solo

The club’s Whitehall Solo

Whitehall from above

A look into our Whitehall

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