Getting To OWRC

85 Liberty Ship Way, Sausalito CA 94965
Get to Sausalito via Hwy 101: We are toward the north end of Sausalito, so if you are coming from the north take the first Sausalito turnoff. Even if you are coming from the south it might be easiest to take the north-most turnoff. However you do it, get onto Bridgeway, which is the main road through the town, following the Bay sometimes right next to the water and sometimes a hundred yards away.

Driving South on Bridgeway: When you pass Spring Street (stoplight) you have only a short block until you reach Easterby-Marinship Street (stoplight). Make a sharp turn to the left and go down a little hill and bear right; you are on Liberty Ship Way.

Driving North on Bridgeway: Pass the center of the town, then Dunphy Park on the right, then Napa Street (the waterfront building at the end of Napa is the birthplace of the Whole Earth Catalog). You have a few hundred yards to Marinship-Easterby (stoplight), bear to the right down a little hill, then keep to the right; you are on Liberty Ship Way.

Photo of OWRC building

After about 50 yards turn right, then after 20 yards left, following Liberty Ship Way to the last building on your left. The large door to our boat storage area can be seen as you drive past the building, but the office door is around the corner, facing the water.

You found us! This is the view from Liberty Ship Way. The boat storage door is the large one on the left that’s open, and the office door is just around the cornerĀ  and to the right, on the walkway facing the marina. It’s the second one facing the water.

You may park in the small lot on the left, just outside the boat bay, or in the spaces along the building.