Maas Boat Sales

At Open Water Rowing Center, we’re very familiar with Maas shells.  We’ve been using these shells in our club program every day since 1985 and have been a dealer for Maas since 1987.  Many of our members have become Maas boat owners themselves. We have 12 Maas shells in use as club boats and we store 85 private shells, the majority of which are Maas shells. These boats have proven themselves over the years in performance, durability and  easy upkeep.

Why buy a shell through Open Water Rowing Center?

Maas Shells
Maas 24’s and a Flyweight in our boathouse

Our prices for new shells are the same as the prices direct from Maas Boat Company, and we offer many helpful extras.

We often have used Maas shells for sale – Aeros, Maas 24s and Flyweights. See list of available shells here.

  • We have plenty of time to spend with you.
  • You can try out Maas shells here, and speak to other Maas owners with years of experience with these shells
  • We can help you to decide which shell is the best for your skill level, storage constraints, water conditions, and other important factors.
  • We can show you how to set-up and maintain your Maas shell in top condition.
  • We also have information about other types of shells, to help you compare them to Maas shells.
  • We can help you refine your open-water rowing technique in these unique shells.

We can assist you with your plans for graphics, if you want to customize your shell.  If you need ideas, we can walk you through our boathouse to illustrate the available colors and design possibilities.

We will rig the shell for you and give you a private, one hour coaching session here at OWRC as part of the shell sale.

We can deliver your shell to you if you live in the local Bay Area, for a reasonable delivery charge.

We’re open every day to answer your questions after you buy your shell.  Got problems with technique?  Not sure if you should change the rigging? Call  us.

If you are interested in trying out the Maas shells, call and schedule a time to come in.  You’re welcome to drop in at any time, but we’ll be able to spend the most time with you if we know when you’re coming.

 OWRC Hours: Weekends Weekdays
January through April  7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
May through August  7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.   6:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
September through December  7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Read more about the remarkable Maas shells at the pages linked below:

MAAS 24  Maas 24
 MAAS Flyweight  Maas Flyweight
 MAAS Double  
 MAAS Flat-Water Single  Maas Single



(Shell prices given below are for white shells, colors are extra as noted.)

Open Water Shells

Classic Aero Length 21’3, Beam 25”, Beam at waterline 19”
 In fiberglass, weight 39 lbs.  $4,950
 In carbon fiber, weight 35 lbs.  $5,650
Winged Aero  Length 21’3, Beam 25”, Beam at waterline 19”
In fiberglass, weight 39 lbs. $5,300
In carbon fiber, weight 35 lbs. $5,950
 Maas 24  Length 24’, Beam 20”, Beam at waterline 14”
 In fiberglass, weight 39 lbs.  $5,300
 In carbon fiber, weight 36 lbs.  $5,950
Maas Flyweight (rowers below 140 lbs) Length 24’,Beam 16.5”, Beam at waterline 12”
 In fiberglass, weight 35 lbs.  $5,300
 In carbonfiber, weight 32 lbs  $5,950
Maas Double  Length: 31′, Beam: 22.5″ Beam at waterline: 14.75″
 White and in carbon fiber only, weight 65 lbs.  $9,950

Flat Water Shells

Maas Flat Water Single Length 27’, Beam at waterline 12”
 White and in carbon fiber only, weight 35 lbs.  $5,950

Extras and Options

Self-bailer, installed (Necesssary for rough-water)  $150
 Ritchie compass, installed (deck mount)  $300
 Performance package for carbon fiber shells (saves 1.3 lbs.)  $550
 Large (rough water) Skeg  $48
 Medium Skeg (Flyweight or Single)  $48
 Bow ball  inc
Club reinforced cockpit (adds 3 lbs.)  $250
Color other than white  $400
Stripes and graphics  as quoted (call OWRC for more information)
Nielsen-Kellerman Electronics
Speed Coach GPS (wireless)  $399
Stroke Coach w/ Surge Rate (wireless)  $199
Speed Coach impeller w/mount  $30
Speed Coach impeller w/out mount (replacement)  $25
Speed Coach seat magnets  $14.50 ea
Mounting clamps for Maas wing (w/hardware)  $2 ea
T-bracket for foot stretcher mount  $24

 Colors and Graphics Hull/deck color other than white is $300 per color.  Note:using colors other than white or light gray for the entire deck and/or hull will add weight to your shell.   Stripes are $200 to $400, depending on design chosen. AVAILABLE COLORS: wide range of colors – black, gray, multiple shades of blue, teal, red, yellow, orange.  For more information, call (415-332-1091), email or visit OWRC.


Dreher Fixed Length Oars, Macon, or Hatchet Blade                                                     $460.00/pr        Good choice for newer scullers.

Dreher Adjustable Length Oars, Apex, or Apex R (Lollipop) Blade                                 $590.00/pr        Best choice for experienced scullers.

To Order

A $1,200 deposit will activate your order for a single shell; a $2,500 deposit is required for the double.  We will give you an approximate delivery date when you place your order. Wait time for shells generally runs from 2-4 weeks in the winter to 4-6 weeks in the spring and summer. Give us a call at 415 332-1091, or email us  if you have any questions or want to get an order started.