Newsletter Archive

August 2011

  • Guide to Summer Winds
  • Keeping Your Shell Shipshape
  • Right of Way: Who has it?
  • How members can help themselves
  • Events and Announcements


July 2011

  • North Tahoe Rowing Regatta
  • Flying Boats: how to (or not) carry your boat on a car, truck, or trailer
  • Upcoming Rowing Events and Regattas


March 2008

  • April Regatta: Call for Volunteers
  • The Unpracticed Re-entry – JoAnn Dunaway
  • Addendum (to Using the Mirror) – Sara Hall
  • Flat vs. Open Water – Sara Hall and Shirwin Smith
  • Basic Sculling Posture – Mariene Royle
  • Look Ma, no hands! – Bill Berger
  • Around the Boathouse: Row Buds, Coaching, Rowing Safety, Boathouse Hours, Audubon Sanctuary, Private Shell Insurance

February 2007

  • Open Ocean Regatta 2007- Ellen Braithewaite
  • Ready to Race on April 15th?- Ellen Braithewaite
  • Race prep nutrition- Sunny Blende
  • Evolution of a Coach- Shirwin Smith
  • Time for a tune-up, a new years resolution- Liz Stone
  • Tim Huebner, open ocean rower & racer- Tim Huebner
  • Tahoe Regatta, Saturday June 16th, Around the boathouse

May 2007

  • Regatta 2007: Race Results
  • A Regatta Clinic Experience – September Williams
  • Sailing the [Windy Bay], Two Book Reports – Michael Konrad
  • Habitat Sweet Habitat
  • Favorite Rows – Tim Huebner
  • Safety: Basic Right of Way Rules – Dan Alexander
  • Around the Boathouse

July 2007

  • Around Angel, Rowing The Island- Sunny Blende
  • The Lure of Angel- Ellen Braithwaite
  • North Tahoe Regatta 2007- Organizing Committee
  • Sculling in Choppy Waters, A Lesson in Tacking- Peter Buemann
  • David Halberstam’s The Amateurs- review by Clyde Haberman
  • Summer Guest Coaching Series: Gordon Hamilton
  • Around the boathouse: More Clinics, Rows, Races

October 2007

  • Rowing “The Islands” – Rolando B. Rossier
  • Rowing with the Baby Seal – Jean Halvorsen
  • OWR Boathouse News
  • Rows and Races
  • Beyond the Gate, one man’s choice – Art Bruzzone
  • Advice for Rowing Outside the Gate – Art Bruzzone
  • Wake-Up Call – Dean Travis Clarke

December 2007

  • Intrepid Rowers – Cindi LaRaia
  • Expanded Rowing Opportunities – Dan Alexander
  • Hindsight is Good; Foresight is Better – Sara Hall
  • Basic Maneuvering – Marlene Royle
  • Maltodextrin … A Magic Fuel? – Sunny Blende
  • The Road to Craftsbury – Jean Halvorsen
  • Surviving the cold, or even the not so cold – Personal Health Magazine, Jane Brody
  • Oil Spill Update
  • U.S. Rowing Convention, Miami – Ellen Braithwaite
  • Around the Boathouse: Row Buds, Coaching, Safety, OWR Regatta, Boathouse hours, NA Championships, Audubon Sanctuary, Private Shell Insurance


May 2006

  • Regatta Roots: interview with Gordie Nash
  • Stronger + Leaner = Weigh More- Sunny Blende
  • Dock Etiquette- Shirwin Smith
  • New Races, Clinics, and Coaching

February 2006

  • Open position for General Manager: job description
  • Winter Winds in Sausalito- Shirwin Smith
  • Perfect Puddles, Winter’s gift to open water rowers- JoAnn Dunaway
  • The 30th Open Ocean Regatta: race courses and call for volunteers

August 2006

  • Either oar… what oar is best for you- Shirwin Smith.
  • Bar Exam… eating power bars- Sunny Blende.
  • The 2006 North Tahoe Regatta, held Saturday June 1.
  • A few minutes with Coach Peter Olrich… an interview.
  • Around the boat house… books, clinics, regattas, congratulations and more.

November 2006

  • Red, right, return; Rules of the Road
  • Glycemic Index: a lesson in timing – Sunny Blende
  • Meet the management; Dan Alexander and Jen Fuller
  • “Open Water Rowing Handbook” – Debbie Mazzioli
  • Open Water, and beyond; adventures of John Aranson- Shirwin Smith
  • Richardson Bay; Catalina 2006 Race Results; Around the boathouse