43rd Open Ocean Regatta, April 14, 2019

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Open Water Rowing Center hosts the 43rd annual Open Ocean Regatta on April 14, 2019. There regatta features two courses of varying length and water conditions for open water scullers in shells and traditional boats, in singles, doubles and quads. The 2019 regatta will introduce coastal rowing (FISA spec’d) boats as a separate category of events for singles and doubles.

This is a coastal rowing-style challenge event, with two courses of different length and difficulty. Races start still in the water and finish at the starting point, with separate starts for different events.

The most challenging course is the 7.6 nm Diablo Course (14 km). From the start near downtown Sausalito, California, this course heads along the San Francisco Bay shore, out under the Golden Gate Bridge against a flood tide, to Diablo Point on the open ocean, and then back under the bridge, across San Francisco Bay to Belvedere Peninsula Point before finishing back at the Sausalito waterfront. Rowers from many clubs join OWRC regulars in the challenge of this spectacular course with unpredictable conditions–including strong tidal currents and wind. Boats on this course must be designed for open water or coastal rowing, including some bailing mechanism or open transom.

The Strawberry Course is 5.3 nm (10.4 km) in more protected water, leaving from and returning to downtown Sausalito, navigating three buoyed turns to Strawberry Peninsula and back. This course can be completed in flat-water boats with favorable weather.

The race will be Sunday, April 14, 2019, and special race-prep clinics are offered in the weeks leading to the regatta. Boats launch from our water-level docks early in the morning; they can be quartered at the OWRC boathouse the afternoon and evening before. US Rowing age handicaps are applied to results, and both lapsed times and handicapped times are acknowledged.

Boat rentals are available on a prepaid, first-come, first-served basis. OWRC rents boats to rowers who have been cleared to safely row the type of boat that they are renting. Use our contact form to request a boat reservation and OWRC will contact you for details. We rent: Maas 24′ (1x), Maas Flyweight (1x under 145#), Maas Aero (1x), Maas Double (2x), LiteBoat Race (Coastal 1x), LiteBoat Sport (Coastal 1x) and LiteBoat Sport 2x, a Peinert 1x, and a Whitehall 1x. California requires that all boaters have a personal flotation device in their boat; pfd’s are provided with each boat rental. Boats are rented on a first-come, pre-paid basis.

The post-race barbecue is a fun get-together for rowers and a great way to kick off the racing season.

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