Rowing The Bay

Sunrise over San Francisco
Sunrise and fog over San Francisco

We are blessed at Open Water Rowing Center with some of the most remarkable rowing waters anywhere. A morning row from Sausalito offers breathtaking views, abundant wildlife, comfortable temperatures and highly varied and challenging rowing. Yes, the fitness benefits are real and worthwhile, but a workout on the bay is also a mini-vacation, as good for the spirit as for the body.

In these pages we will explore our favorite rowing routes and the unique environment in which we row.

  •  Landmarks and Routes: Just where are these place you hear the rowers talking about? And what is it like to row there? We’re assembling maps and route descriptions for the important landmarks and suggested rowing routes.
  • Wildlife: The Bay is famed for it’s varied wildlife and we rowers get to see it “up close and personal”. Get the know “the locals” as you row in their world…


Rowing on Richardson
Rowing across Richardson Bay off Sausalito